crusader-1stedition-ausFinally, Crusader — the last in the Tencendor series! I’ve enjoyed writing them enormously, but I’m not sad to see the last of them.

Basically Crusader encompasses the battle for control of Tencendor – or what is left of it. On the face of it the Demons can’t do much. After all, most people are safe in Sanctuary, the paths to the Sacred Groves have been closed and DragonStar is all set to send the Demons back where they came from.

But, of course, everything goes wrong. Among DragonStar’s family and friends is one who is prepared to sell out Sanctuary for his or her own reasons, and who realises the frightful secret of the Niah-character … and who realises the saleability of the secret to the Demons. What will happen if the Demons get access to Sanctuary?

Faraday naturally has her own traumatic emotional rollercoaster to endure, Leagh’s baby is something of a surprise, the blue-feathered lizard reveals a hitherto hidden talent, Axis gets a job back again and gets involved (wouldn’t you know it) in a frightful squall with the few thousand Skraelings, Urbeth has to step in to save the day on a number of occasions (grumbling all the time), her daughters fall passionately in love with one of the milder characters, you won’t believe what happens to Raspu, the GateKeeper (have you forgotten her?) packs up her Gate and joins in the fun, StarLaughter and WolfStar have (another) frightful encounter … one which involves a hapless Zenith … and of course everything ends in bleak disaster.

Almost. Crusader ends with DragonStar and Faraday assuming the identities of two of western culture’s greatest mythological figures … and everyone ends up in one of our greatest mythological theme parks (any guesses? Think on the infinite field of flowers and take it from there). I did this for two reasons: one, there is no point continuing the story with yet another trilogy based on Tencendor because at this point everyone will know the story; and two, because it was both a cute and a vaguely uncomfortable uncomfortable end for DragonStar and Faraday. We know who they become, and unfortunately we know the rest of the legend as well.

And so, with a sigh of relief and some sadness, I bid farewell to Tencendor.

©1998 Sara Douglass Enterprises

Follow this link to see the maps of Tencendor and Escator, the realms where The Axis TrilogyThe Wayfarer RedemptionBeyond the Hanging Wall and Darkglass Mountain trilogy are set.

Editors note: Crusader is Book 3 of The Wayfarer Redemption. Overseas  it was book 6 of The Wayfarer Redemption and The Axis Trilogy was the first half of the series of six books.

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