Darkglass Mountain Trilogy

Tencendor is no more. The land is gone.

But not everyone is dead.

StarDrifter SunSoar, father to Axis, somehow survived the catastrophe and lives in Coroleas. But he is not the only Tencendorian to survive. Caelum SunSoar, in the days before the Timekeeper Demons decimated the land, maintained extensive diplomatic contacts both with the Corolean court and with the court of King Maximilian in Escator across the Widowmaker Sea. Now more than five thousand Icarii, as well Acharites (the human race of Tencendor), the remnants of these diplomatic corps and their families, live scattered about Coroleas and Escator.

Among them are many Enchanters, but none with the same degree of potential as StarDrifter SunSoar.

The destruction of Tencendor was an event that attracted attention all about the edges of the Widowmaker Sea. The Coroleans were amused (they had always envied the Icarii), and the Escatorians were saddened (they had admired the Icarii’s ability and learning), but further afield, in the land of Ashdod far to the south of Escator, news of the downfall of Tencendor promoted intense speculation.

And … well … no … that’s enough of the story line for now, I think!

The Darkglass Mountain trilogy is a chance for me to bring back all my favourite characters (well, most … I am trying desperately to write Hal Bolingbroke into this but don’t think I will be able to manage it) into the one story line. StarDrifter, of course. Axis. Maximilian, King of Escator, and an older Garth Baxter.

There will be new characters – the enigmatic Ishbel, the novitiate priestess of the semi-mythical Viscerati; Salome, a Corolean duchess, who has spent her life trying to hide a terrible secret; Isaiah, the battle-weary Tyrant of Isembaard; his court maniac, Ba’al’uz; and the Skraeling Lord, back at the head of his ghostly army.

You can see the working map for this series – showing the lands of Tencendor, Escator, Ashdod, Viland and Coroleas all shown in relation to the world on which they exist (or existed, in the case of Tencendor!).

You can now also read a page on The Serpent Bride.

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5 thoughts on “Darkglass Mountain Trilogy

  1. W. Ramsay says:

    I have just read book 1 of the Dark Glass Mountain series..it was so easy to read and I enjoyed the characters, action and amazing twists to the plot. Is book 2 & 3 available?

  2. Karen says:

    Book 2 and 3 are available – either in paperback or on Kindle. They are fabulous as well. 🙂 Best wishes,

  3. Belinda says:

    What comes after this series?? I have read all the books upto the infinity gate and am dying to know what comes next.

  4. Karen says:

    Hi Belinda, sorry I’ve been tardy responding to you… I think the next book you’d want to read (or series, if you haven’t already) is the Troy Game? Have you read those four books yet? Other than that, there are two stand alones: The sensational the Devil’s Diadem 9which was, sadly, Sara’s last novel) or her collection of short stories (many of which are set in the worlds of Tencendor etc) called The Hall of Lost Footsteps. Hope this helps. Warmest wishes, Karen 🙂

  5. Rochelle says:

    Hi Karen,
    I have always loved Sara’s books but for some reason had never read the darkglass series until now. It seemed to end with so many openings for later books (eg: ravennas son returning). Do you know if Sara had ever intended to write more in relation to this?

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