Druid’s Sword

druids-sword-1sted-coverThe final book of The Troy Game is set during World War II, specifically during the Blitz in London.

Jack Skelton (once Brutus, once William, once Louis) has arrived back in London after a three hundred year absence. He has come home to end it once and for all – to complete the Troy Game and to win Noah away from Weyland.

Of course, nothing ever goes to plan for Brutus-reborn, does it?

Jack arrives home on the eve of war. He takes up residence in the mysterious Copt Hall (or Copped Hall) in Epping Forest – slightly put out by the presence within the hall of an even more mysterious, and thoroughly irritating, valet called Malcolm. He is even more perplexed by the reclusive Grace – Noah and Weyland’s daughter – in whom Malcolm seems peculiarly interested.

But most of all Jack is disturbed by the sense of something ‘wrong’ with London. Something ‘different’. Something shadowy and labyrinthine hanging over the ciy that has nothing at all to do with the Troy Game itself.

And Grace is the only other person who can perceive it.