Fiction Addiction: Author Sara Douglass Crossing Into the U.S. Market

Australian author Sara Douglass has filled bookshelves with her fantasy trilogies. She’s currently working on a new four-book series, The Troy Game, with the first book slated for a December 2002 release. FictionAddiction.NET’s Robert Ryan Langer talked with Douglass about her publishing breakthrough from Australia to the U.S., her books and her writing career.

FA: According to your Web site, you enjoy reading military adventure thrillers. What aspects of that genre captivate you?

SD: Gosh, that really dates my Web site! I haven’t read any military adventure in, oh, some five to six years at least.

I can’t put down crime now. I guess my tastes just change as I age. Mostly, however, I read non-fiction, particularly anything to do with social or transport history of the Victorian and Edwardian ages.

FA: What other works of fiction have touched you?

SD: Well, crime. *grin* I particularly like crime because of the innovative narrative techniques that I can borrow for my fantasy writing. None of this appears in the Wayfarer Redemption series, but does in my later books (not available in the US for at least another 5-6 years).

FA: How is work proceeding on The Troy Game?

SD: Book one (Hades’ Daughter) is done and largely edited, and I’m just about about to start Book two, God’s Concubine.

FA: Thanks to Sara Douglass for taking the time to discuss her novels and her publishing success.

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