Hade’s Daughter

Hades-Daughter-1sted-usaHades’ Daughter (along with The Crippled Angel) was nominated for best fantasy novel in the 2002 Aurealis Awards!

Hades Daughter opens the Troy Game quartet. It is set in the Late Bronze Age (approx. 1000-1200 BC) during the time of the great Aegean Catastrophe and some years after the fall of Troy. The action ranges between Naxos, western Greece and the mysterious land of Llangarlia in the Isle of Albion (Britain): see the maps linked below for details of the geography.

The main characters are:

  • Genvissa, sixth daughter-heir of Ariadne (Theseus’ lover; see the Legend of Theseus for details of Ariadne, Theseus and the death of the Minotaur), and the MagaLlan of Llangarlia.
  • Brutus, leader of the Trojans.
  • Membricus, Brutus’ former lover and now his adviser.
  • Asterion, the murdered Minotaur, half-brother to Ariadne.
  • Cornelia, Brutus’ wife, and the central character of the entire series.
  • Corineus, Brutus’ captain.
  • Coel, a Llangarlian mystic and warrior.
  • Loth, a strange, enigmatic Llangarlian man.
  • Aerne, Gormagog of Llangarlia.
  • Mag, Mother Goddess of Llangarlia.
  • And a host of various supporting characters!

The main sites of the action are:

The Veiled Hills are particularly important. They consist of six holy hills:

  1. The Llandin, the holiest of the hills. Now known as Parliament Hill in London.
  2. Pen Hill. Now the old site of the Penton reservoir in London.
  3. Tot Hill. The site of the current British Houses of Parliament – Westminster.
  4. Og’s Hill. Now known as Ludgate Hill. St Paul’s Cathedral sits on this hill.
  5. Mag’s Hill. Cornhill, site of the ancient medieval London markets.
  6. The White Mount. Tower Hill, just to the west of the Tower of London.

The ‘object’ of the action, plot, and character’s ambitions is the Troy Game itself.