Maps of Tencendor and Escator

Below is a map of Tencendor. This map includes the features of Tencendor as they are in The Wayfarer Redemption rather than in The Axis Trilogy. There’s not a great deal of difference, but a number of towns or towers have changed their names, and there’s one or two new geographical features.


Below is a map of Escator, a small kingdom across the Widowmaker Sea to the east from Tencendor, and is the land where Beyond The Hanging Wall is set. It does, however, have some connection to The Wayfarer Redemption: some mention is made of marrying Princess Leagh to the King of Escator (which would have been Maximilian … frankly, I would have picked him over Zared); and the Veins is where Prince Askam made one of his (many) bad investments.