Sara’s Bio: 1998

Let me see. I was born in Penola District Hospital, last child of four. My parents were farmers, and for the first seven years of my life I lived on their property outside Penola – Gundealga. We had sheep, lots of scrub, and a fairly carefree existence.

When I was school age we moved to Adelaide, South Australia, where I commenced some eleven years of education at Methodist Ladies College. Post education, lacking any clear direction in life, I became a nurse …..

There are some years here best forgotten. I toiled away on the wards, hating every moment of it. I punctuated my nursing career with a trip abroad, spending time in England and Europe … best time of my younger life. Then, back in Adelaide, I became more and more bored and frustrated with nursing, and eventually commenced a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Adelaide. I liked it so much I stayed to do a PhD, then the only place offering a job in history and an escape from nursing was Bendigo, so I grabbed it and ran.

I’ve been in Bendigo some five years now, and am slowly learning to call it home. I’m fortunate, not only to have finally achieved some publishing success, but to be working in an incredible programme at La Trobe University here in Bendigo called Western Traditions. If you like the mystery and romance of a bygone era, then check this programme out. It’s unique in Australia and one of only a handful in the world. You can also check out my ‘other life’ as a lecturer at my Alter Ego’s Home Site. (used to link to La Trobe University in Bendigo web site)

I’ve just purchased a house (very definitely ‘The House That Axis Bought’) and so I guess I’ll be here a while longer yet …. writing assiduously to pay the thing off!

Editors note: This bio was taken from Sara’s website circa 1998. The house that Sara is referring to above is Ashcotte.

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