Sara Douglass & Tor Books make seven book, six figure deal

Bestselling Australian fantasy author Sara Douglass and her blockbuster novels will be brought to North America by editor Karla Zounek of Tor Books in a seven-book, six-figure deal that encompasses Douglass’ Axis and Wayfarer Redemption trilogies and a standalone novel, Threshold.

The six books of the Axis trilogy (BattleAxe, StarMan and Enchanter) and the Wayfarer Redemption (Sinner, Pilgrim and Crusader) are the best-selling fantasies in Australian history, with more than 250,000 copies sold. Tor will publish the books in hard and softcover as The Wayfarer Redemption, Books 1 – 6, and have indicated that they plan a major North America launch in fall 2000 to include advance reading copies, newsletters, and national advertising.

The deal was negotiated by James Frenkel of James Frenkel & Associates, working in conjunction with Douglass’ Australian agent, Lyn Tranter of Australian Literary Management. “Given Tor’s record in building best-selling fantasy authors and their commitment to a massive launch campaign,” said Frenkel, “we feel that Sara and her outstanding fantasy is in good hands.”

Beyond her role as the most successful fantasy author in Australia, Sara Douglass is also an accomplished scholar. A former lecturer in medieval history at Melbourne’s La Trobe University, she authored The Betrayal of Arthur, a book exploring the legend of Camelot published by Pan Macmillan Australia. She is currently working on her next fantasy trilogy, The Crucible.

Editors note: Sara said on her website at the time:

After many years, I finally have some good news to report on the United States of America front. In October James Frenkel and Associates of Madison, Wisconsin, released this press statement. Lyn and Jim have done a fantastic job on this deal and I thank them very much for their work and faith during ‘the dark days’.

I have also sold the German translation rights of The Axis Trilogy and HarperCollins UK have purchased the British rights to The Wayfarer Redemption. After news of the Tor deal broke overseas I now also have Dutch and Italian publishers interested in buying the rights for their respective countries.

On the writing front I have now completed The Nameless Day and am about to start on The Wounded Hawk (books 1 and 2 of The Crucible). The Nameless Day is due for release in May 2000 (See The World of the Crucible for further information on the trilogy). The rights to Beyond the Hanging Wall have now been purchased by HarperCollins Publishers Australia and that will be released in March 2000 – I heard a rumour that it will contain at the back the first chapter of The Nameless Day as promotion for that book’s May release.

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