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starman-1stedition-usaIt’s no secret that fantasy fans like their sword and sorcery in heroic slabs. Well, no one gives readers their fantasy in more massive doses than Sara Douglass, and no one hits that magical high more precisely. In StarMan, the epic Wayfarer Redemption series continues with an expanse and a vision that dwarfs other -ologies that have gone before it. Is it any wonder that Wayfarer series is the most successful in Australian history?

The challenge in plotting a series of this length and complexity is genuinely daunting, but Douglass meets it with aplomb. Despite the mammoth size of each volume, she never sacrifices character definition, setting detail, or pacing. One of the most refreshing things about her prose, in fact, is the simple, plain-spoken dialogue that manages to convey dignity, callousness, simplicity, and madness without venturing into flowery or archaic language.

StarMan is a hefty chunk of a book, I won’t lie to you about that, and it’s best read that way. Sit down when you’ve got plenty of time to weave yourself into the complex story and come to your own understanding of the even more complex characters ruled by the Prophecy. Did I mention this passionate, bittersweet adventure is far from over? More volumes are already available, if you know where to look, and, something tells me, after you read this gem, you’ll start searching.

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