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Dark Moon Rising: A Morning with Sara Douglass

Sara Douglass’ Wayfarer Redemption series came on like a storm in March 2001. What U.S. readers only then discovered, lucky Aussie fans had known for 6 years! Tencendor, a magical world of wit, wisdom, and wonder, holds all the allure of Robert Jordan’s nameless world and is much more tightly written.

So far, we’ve seen only the first three books here in the U.S., known abroad as the Axis Trilogy. The next trilogy, has no firm release dates, but is tentatively due out yearly through 2007.

In the dark of morning on a freezing winter Saturday, in Ashcotte village, Bendigo, Sara sat down to pen these responses to our questions. She had, she reports, had her coffee but was as yet too bored and lazy to have her shower and prepare for the day. The introspective quality of her winter lassitude makes for delightful reading. Curl up with a steaming cup and enjoy.

ASM: How would you describe yourself as a person?

SD: Very down to earth, rather blunt, consider life too short to tolerate fools, wicked sense of humour, soft and (surprisingly) romantic heart. And organised. Very very organised. I love lists. I love putting things in rows. At the moment I am about to move back into my office after a year (groan) of renovations, and I have all these magnificent new bookcases and cabinets, and I am going to have the time of my life organising things and putting things in rows …

I get this organisation mania from my mother, who, when she suspected she was dying, organised our entire family’s life into lists which we subsequently lived by and from for the next 5-6 years. “Where’s the Black Book of Lists?” my father would cry in desperation when we needed to know in what direction our lives should go. She also baked Easter and Christmas fruit cakes for the five years following her death (we religiously dampened them with sherry every few months) – now that’s what I call being organised. This meant we had the bizarre situation, eventually, of my father’s new wife having to serve up food prepared by her long-dead predecessor.

ASM: What are you working on now? And when will we see it here in the US?

SD: At the moment I’m working on a 4 book series called The Troy Game. The Troy Game is a labyrine enchantment that was – according to myth or to true history, depending on who you read – used in the founding of London by refugee Trojans during the late Bronze Age. (Yes, there’s my obsession with London re-emerging.) The series spreads over time from the late Bronze Age to the Blitz during World War Two. The first book, “Hades’ Daughter”, is in the production line as we speak and will be out in the USA in January next year (following publication in Australia this year). Thereafter the books will be released at yearly intervals in Australia at least, finishing the series in 2005, and hopefully there will be a similar publication schedule in America.

©2002 Allie S. McKnight / DarkMoonRising. This interview originally appeared in Dark Moon Rising online magazine in August 2002. To read the full interview on the Dark Moon Rising archive please click on this link.