andie gatti

Tales From Oz: The Devil’s Diadem


The first thing I do before borrowing from the library or buying from a bookshop is to methodically search the shelves for books by my favourite authors that I haven’t read. I love that feeling of exhilaration and anticipation on finding an unread gem.

Australian Sara Warneke, a.k.a. Sara Douglass, is a writer I automatically seek out. I’ve been escaping to her intricately created fantasy worlds for many years, eagerly awaiting her offerings. It was like Christmas when I discovered each of the Axis, Wayfarer Redemption and Darkglass Mountain instalments.

What follows is an enthralling account of love and betrayal and good versus evil combined with the supernatural and the documented religious beliefs, mores and politics of the age. I was particularly impressed the book ended on a surprising note. I was so sure I had unearthed the plot.

Although The Devil’s Diadem was written as a one-off story I can’t help wishing it was a continuing saga. Australia and the world have lost a truly great storyteller. Vale Sara Douglass.

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