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Anniki’s Bookcase: Enchanter

Enchanter-rereleaseAxis has fled to Talon Spike, the home of the Icarii, where he must learn to wield his Enchanter powers to fulfil the Prophecy. Somehow he must lead the Icarii and the Avar back into Achar, defeat his half-brother, Borneheld, and reunite the former kingdom of Tencendor under his rule.

Meanwhile, Gorgrael waits impatiently for winter, to continue his destructive drive into the heart of Achar.

Douglass skilfully moves her characters through this fantastic world where family ties can be deadly and love does not always conquer all.

As a middle book, there aren’t too many surprises in Enchanter. It wasn’t boring, but I wanted to hurry through it to get to the next book, and see how this story ended.

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The Axis Trilogy #2: Enchanter was published in the US and Europe as The Wayfarer Redemption #2: Enchanter.

Anniki’s Bookcase: Beyond The Hanging Wall

beyond_the_hanging_wall_aus-rereleaseDeep beneath the seas of Escator lie the Veins – rich gloam mines worked by men sentenced to die in the darkness.

Garth Baxtor, an apprentice physician, accompanies his father on Joseph′s annual journey to the Veins to tend the barely remembered miners. He knows that these doomed men have experienced unimaginable despair and pain, but nothing could prepare him for what he encounters.In the dark tunnels of the mines, Garth discovers a dangerous secret when he heals a desolate criminal with a mysterious mark on his arm. Is it truly possible that the answer to Escator′s greatest mystery is hidden beneath the hanging wall? Could the fate of the lost Prince Maximilian finally be discovered?

The “hanging wall” is a miner’s reference to the ceiling of a horizontal shaft – the wall that hangs above them. The incomparable Sara Douglass heard this phrase during visits to the Central Deborah Gold Mine in Bendigo, and it formed the basis to Beyond the Hanging Wall.

While Escator inhabits the same world as that of the Axis Trilogy, the Wayfarer Redemption or Darkglass Mountain, and is tied to that last trilogy, this is a stand-alone novel. It is not a sweeping saga of war and upheaval, of events and changes on a grand scale. It is a simple story of a lost prince and the party that search for him, of one boy’s growth into manhood and another man’s search for his identity. This is an intimate story, and by far my favourite of her books.

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