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Green Man Review: Interview with Sara Douglass

It was my genuine pleasure to have interviewed Ms Sara Douglass by e-mail in May of 2002. I had only recently completed the reviews of BattleAxe, Enchanter, and StarMan, the first three books of her series, Wayfarer Redemption, and found all three books to be beautifully and creatively written. Ms Douglass has a wonderful web site, as well.

Kate: In your account of your visit to North America for the 2001 Women In Fantasy US and Canada Tour I can’t help but pick up on your sense of humour as you tell frankly of what must have been a nightmarish experience. American Airlines delayed your flights, and their desk clerks were less than helpful. After jet lag, delay because they had to put a door back on the plane (????), losing your visa and being grilled by US immigration, and suffering the exhaustion of such a trip, your amusing encounter with ‘Greg, the cabin crew member’ from Alaskan Airlines is nothing short of comic relief. The question that comes to mind is this: Have you ever entertained the notion of writing any comic fiction?

Sara: Yes I have, but I’ve never sat down to specifically write it. I incorporate a fair bit of tongue in cheek humour in my books anyway. Comic fiction is the hardest of things to write, and I don’t have the energy to launch into a new comic career!

Kate: In an interview in Jan, 2000 in the Australian Magazine, you said that you planned on taking a break and then looking at a career change. Can you tell us if now, in May 2002, writing fiction is still part of your career choice, or have you moved on from writing novels?

Sara: I’m going to stop eventually, once I can afford to. Or at least slow down. I always mean to take a year off, but can never find the time! I keep saying ‘This series will be my last’, but I haven’t actually managed it yet. There are things I want to do in life that don’t include being tied to a computer most of the day.

Kate: On behalf of the folks at Green Man Review, I would like to thank you for your time, and wish you the best in your future endeavours.

Sara: Thanks, Kate.

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