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High Fantasy Addict: Hades Daughter

hades-daughter-aus-releaseGreeting’s Brave Adventurers.

I’m going to come right out and say it; I really enjoyed this book.

Douglass has been criticized for over-zealous depictions of sex and depravity in her novels, but I didn’t find this to be so. Douglass is a female-centric writer, and I think it is hard to imagine a female protagonist in a medieval setting who does not confront ‘sex-as-weapon’ – either used against her or wielded by her for advantage. I enjoyed the backdrop of the feminine world that this book so richly invokes; the roles of woman as mother and lover, and the concepts of fertility, birth and rebirth.

A great start to a series, and, in my opinion, Sara Douglass’s best.

9/10 labyrinthine dragons

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Mostly Fiction: Hades Daughter

Hades-Daughter-1sted-usa“Cornelia was born and raised and fed by the evil that crawled out of Hades’ Underworld down the river to Mesopotama,” Membricus said. “She is Hades’ daughter, not Pandrasus’, even though he might have given her flesh. Thank the gods we have to endure only a few more months of her.” He paused. “For otherwise, my friend, if she continued to draw breath, then I think –I know — she has the power to destroy your entire world.”

Hades’ Daughter by Sara Douglass

In an interview, Douglass mentions that the Troy game is something that she’s read about in different periods in history. The idea of the existence of a real Troy Game makes this even more intriguing of a concept. She sells me on the book’s concepts completely, combining rich historical possibility with facts, creating not only a plausible and beautiful ancient world, but also making an excellent argument for the indelible connection that past events have on history as a whole.

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Suite 101: Interview with Sara Douglass

This interview appeared at my old Suite101 site a few years ago that I thought I would share again. Sara Douglass is a Fantasy author with interesting and varied books. She is an Australian author with a unique voice in the genre. Her books are vivid tales with compelling characters, interesting themes and gripping plots. Among her many books she is best known for the Wayfarer Redemption series consisting of: The Wayfarer Redemption, Enchanter, StarMan, Sinner, Pilgrim and Crusader. Many of her other books take place in this world or are set in other worlds she has created.

Many new Fantasy authors from Australia have been adding their unique voices to the genre. Sara Douglass in one of these authors. Though established in Australia and Britain, her books only appeared recently in the United States. Her books are vivid tales with compelling characters, interesting themes and gripping plots. Tor books published the first three books of her series consisting of The Wayfarer Redemption, Enchanter and StarMan which is part of the Wayfarer Redemption of six books. The first book of the Troy Game, Hades’ Daughter, is available now. More information about Ms. Douglass can be found at her web site: http://www.saradouglass.com

Debbie Ledesma: How did you decide to become a writer?

Sara Douglass: Because I enjoyed it, and because I had trained as one. Writing was something I had always done well, and something I had always been at ease with, since I was a child. I always wrote: I kept diaries, I penned letters, I wrote novels, theses, lectures, talks, articles, non-fiction books. I don’t think I ever ‘decided’ to become a writer. I just did it as a part of my daily life.

DL: What books are in your future?

SD: The final three books of The Troy Game! Beyond that I haven’t thought.

DL: Thank you very much Ms. Douglass for this interview.

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Eidolon: Hades Daughter

hades-daughter-aus-releaseSara Douglass is the author of three bestselling fantasy trilogies, as well as stand-alone novels and historical non-fiction. She was also a lecturer in medieval history at Bendigo University, and brings to her novels a level of detail that makes them not only intriguing, but oddly convincing. Hades’ Daughter is the first book in her new four-book series which spans millennia and promises to be as complex as the labyrinths at its heart.

The Troy Game tells the story of a contest between deities and mortals. In the game, cities are protected by magical mazes, from the Great Founding Labyrinth of Crete to the London Underground. Solve the maze, and the city falls; destroy the Game, and release the evil that the mazes have entrapped.

Douglass does a wonderful job of juggling cultures and centuries. Her detailed descriptions of ancient Mediterranean and British mythologies and lifestyle are evocative and convincing, as are the glimpses she gives of 1930s London. Her system of magic—the rituals required and its use as a political tool—is one of the most interesting I’ve read in a fantasy novel (and it manages to explain hopscotch and London Transport). The beginning grabs me instantly, the plotting is intricate and fast-moving, and I was a third of the way through the book before I realised that I didn’t like any of the characters.

If you like Macchiavellian and labyrinthine plots, with lots of seduction and betrayal, set in an exquisitely crafted fantasy world—and you’re prepared to spend a few hours in the company of vicious egomaniacs—this is a great book. Just watch your back while you read it.

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Readers Read: Hades Daughter


Hades Daughter is the first book in a new series entitled The Troy Game from internationally bestselling author Sara Douglass (The Wayfarer Redemption, Enchanter & Starman). Epic in scope, this is material that simply could not be tackled with any success by a lesser author.

A professor of medieval history by training, Douglass skillfully weaves fact with fiction to create a story that is breathtaking in scope: filled with magic, passion, love, betrayal, ambition and revenge. Her characters are complex people, who behave both honorably and despicably. Douglass’ powerful and evocative prose, coupled with a rich historical background and a provocative storyline make for fascinating reading.

Highly recommended.

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