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Readers Read: Hades Daughter


Hades Daughter is the first book in a new series entitled The Troy Game from internationally bestselling author Sara Douglass (The Wayfarer Redemption, Enchanter & Starman). Epic in scope, this is material that simply could not be tackled with any success by a lesser author.

A professor of medieval history by training, Douglass skillfully weaves fact with fiction to create a story that is breathtaking in scope: filled with magic, passion, love, betrayal, ambition and revenge. Her characters are complex people, who behave both honorably and despicably. Douglass’ powerful and evocative prose, coupled with a rich historical background and a provocative storyline make for fascinating reading.

Highly recommended.

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Readers Read: Starman

starman-1stedition-usaStarMan by Sara Douglass In this third entry in the six-part Wayfarer Redemption series, Axis SunSoar (the Starman) struggles to fulfill the prophecy of WolfStar, the great patriarch of the Icarii people.

In StarMan, many questions are answered about the characters’ motivations and several storylines are neatly tied up. But, luckily for Sara Douglass fans, enough loose ends remain to lay the groundwork for sequels.

Douglass, a fixture on the Australian bestseller lists, is known for her exotic worlds, complex plots and characters, and an emotional depth to her characters. American audiences are just beginning to appreciate Sara Douglass and her readership is sure to grow over time.

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