Scary Minds

Scaryminds: The Hall of Lost Footsteps

 “We have enough to last us another year” – Margery

Quite often review sites become the abode of strange bedfellows, and on the face of it I would have to say one of the stranger mixes is renowned fantasy author Sara Douglass appearing on the pages of ScaryMinds. It’s like either a dream come true for this site, or Douglas’ worse virtual nightmare. Hey Sara, in cyberspace no one can hear you scream.
But if you were to dig a little deeper, as is our wont, you might just be in for a pleasant surprise as Douglass heads off the bright path into the deep dark woods. If you definitely don’t like horror then either Ms Douglass is going to shock the hell out of your expectations, or you might just be pleasantly bushwhacked by what the genre can offer in the hands of a skilled wordsmith.
The Hall of Lost Footsteps is available from most notable Aussie online stores, and a number of foreign sites as well. If needing more information then hit the official Ticonderoga site for all the good oil.