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SFF World: Interview with Sara Douglass

Sara Douglass is one of the hottest new names in Fantasy. Well that is only true in the United States. She has been published for some time in her native land of Australia, having received the Aurealis Award and being recognized as Australia’s best selling writer. Her books have been published for a number of years in Europe and Canada. In 2001, the US was able to read her work for the first time with TOR books publication of the first book in her world of Tencendor, with the US title of The Wayfarer Redemption. Recently, the third book in the series, StarMan was just published. Sara takes some time to answer questions drawn from the forum members of SFFWorld.

1) How did you come up with the names of the characters?

For the Tencendor books I used a number of names from the Medieval epic, “The Song of Roland”, others I just made up, Rivkah I pinched from the credits of a soap. Generally they come from just about anywhere.

11) Did you have the events, such as the ending or who would be surviving, mapped out in your head?

Yes, I always know how a series will end, and the basic framework of events, who will live, who will die, who will be happy, who won’t be. I generally plan out in great detail, writing out wall charts, scene cards etc. When I plan out a book I plan it around between 3-5 major scenes.

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