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Shades of Sentience: The Hall of Lost Footsteps

HallofLostFootsteps-200x300The Hall of Lost Footsteps is a collection of short stories by Sara Douglass that also includes a short co-written with Angela Slatter (who I reviewed here), containing fifteen pieces of short fiction, six of those being based within The Axis Trilogy. These pieces are fantasy with a twinge of horror, a well-measured balance that keeps you unable to put the book down while transported to a completely different world.

What’s refreshing about Sara’s work is that her stories aren’t written with that forceful thrust, hoping to shock or disgust the reader. They’re written in a way that reminds me of a storyteller, passing down a tale through the generations – a sing-song lilt of well-thought prose. They state what’s happening, as though it is fact.

Personally, I would like to add that she’s the reason I discovered fantasy. A friend recommended BattleAxe and from there I was hooked. She’ll always have a special place on my bookshelf, and I found it hard to read this anthology because this is it – this is the last Sara Douglass work to be printed, when, as we do with our favourite authors all the time – I crave more.

This doesn’t disappoint, however.

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